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Keiki Crescendo
Studio: 38 Kaneohe Bay Drive, Kailua 96734
Mailing: 47-273 E Hui Iwa Street, Kaneohe 96744
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Class Descriptions

Below are class descriptions, tuition fees, and the materials fee. Family and military discounts are 10% OFF classes. Payment plans are available.
Summer 2017

Babies Musical World (5 to 18 months)

8 week session, 35 min

Play musically with your baby through bouncing and rocking songs, wiggle and peek-a-boo games, dancing and singing. And of course playing their first instruments.

Tuition:$80 + $15 registration

Nimble and Quick (15 months to 2.5 years)

8 week session, 40 min

Participate with your toddler in singing, cahanting, moving, dancing, listening and playing instruments - while developing a strong musical bond.

Tuition:$112 +, $15 registration

Nature's Music (2.5 to 3.5 years)

8 week session, 40 min

Celebrate your child's love of nature and growing independance through activities which focus on their environment and little creatures.

Tuition:$112 + $15 registration

Songs of Summer (3.5 to 5 years)

8 week session, 40 min, 6/5 - 7/31/2017

Celebrate your child's love of nature and growing independance through activities which focus on Summer. Classes are designed to build attention and self-expression and include singing, chanting, moving, focused listening, musical games, exploring musical instruments, creative movement and storytelling.

Tuition:$112 + $15 registration

Music Makers at the Seashore (3.5 to 6 years)

8 week session, 40 min, 6/1 - 7/27/2017

 This Musik Makers at the Seashore class is specifically designed for students who have had the Cycle of seasons curriculum as part of their preschool experience. 
The setting will be: Max 8 students. We will do the "ocean drums", play the glockenspiels, split up in groups and do ensemble work. It is a lot more challenging than the songs we did in a larger 'circle' at their preschool. Its turning another corner " on their musical path.

Tuition:$112 + $15 registration

Recorder, Glockenspiel and more (Ages 5 - 9 Years)

12 week session, 1hr class, 6/8 - 8/31/2017

This class is designed to accommodate the 5 and older and is a perfect follow-up for children who have completed Music Makers: At Home in the World. In this class, children explore the recorder and glockenspiel. The focus is on ensemble playing.  As always, the key ingredients are singing, listening, playing instruments, lots of movement, and tonal and rhythm patterns. Through echoing patterns, the children will build a vocabulary of musical phrases which they can recognize aurally and visually, which leads to an understanding of musical notation. At the end of the year, the children will be introduced to the keyboard, using the same method they'll use in Music Makers: At the Keyboard.
Materials include a recorder, a Glockenspiel and a book.  If you have a recorder or Glockenspiel already, please bring it to the first class with you, so I can check, if we are able to use it.

Tuition:$216 + $15 Registration

Continuing Piano students, 10 week payment (6-16)